Online Retail Buyers Behavior

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Any good SEO firm will advise you that you need to have good knowledge of your audience and your clients buying behaviors. These days how clients find and purchase products have changed dramatically since before the internet. Where clients used to go shop to shop, looking for deals and identifying the best options, they are now searching online in the comfort of their own homes and then ordering online with to the door delivery.

Before you start your online marketing campaign, it is essential that you understand the online retail buyers behavior, so that you can target your campaign towards your audience and ensure that they click on your site, driving more traffic to your site and in turn, helping you achieve greater success moving forward.

What you do need to understand is that seventy one percent of clients are directed to a company that they buy from via a top search engine, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. This means that you need to ensure you have a solid search engine optimization campaign in place so that you can increase your ranking to reach your audience in the long run. Always bear in mind that your competitors are doing exactly the same thing.

Another interesting fact is that one third of Bing clients perform retail searches. This means that a high volume of people going unto the internet are looking for specific products or services. They may have a sudden need, this does not mean that they are already in focus to purchase, right now they are just looking at what is available.

Another of the things a SEO firm will tell you is that a client searching online is looking for a particular product or service, they are not focusing on brands in their initial search. As they find more information on particular brands this is when it sparks an interest and their search parameters change. So how does this help you? Use branded and non-branded keywords and help your clients throughout the process with links to various pages that are relevant on their site to help them with their buying decision.

It has been revealed that category searches are the top choices and companies that show in category searches are automatically considered as market leaders even if the client doesn’t click on your link. They see your name and your name is instantly associated as market leader, so focus keywords on categories as well as specific products and services.

Try and select your keywords that immediately answer a clients question. This may not be easy, but you can use long and short tailed keywords, so if a client is looking for something and asks for a particular item in a question, you want to be able to answer them with ease, this will direct them towards your link and probably encourage them to click on it.

Use shopping campaigns as a way to reach your audience. Clients are always looking for deals. So if you campaign your deals and promotions, enable clients to immediately identify where they can save money will generate more interest in your business over your competitors.

Further, focus on using images. Your images should be very high quality with excellent resolution and ensure that they are relevant. You will also want to ensure that you optimist your images, so that they come up in image searches as well.

Finally, make use of links. Manual link building to authoritative sites will help you build your brand, create an interest and help you generate more interest in the long run to achieve your gaols.


Source by Anoop K Krishnan

An Effective Tool to Increase Your Sales

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Today, the net is one of the most popular locations for agencies to advertise in. Every website you visit, you may see that there will be marketing everywhere. This is known as net marketing.

If you have a commercial enterprise of your very own and also you want to effectively market your products or services, you will see that the internet might be one large bulletin board that you could put it up for sale in. Here, you will be able to sincerely advertise something and it’s miles open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

With hundreds of thousands and thousands of people visiting the internet on an each day foundation from all around the international, you could be sure that marketing here will truly growth your income.

One incredible website that you can want to concentrate your online advertising marketing campaign on is Facebook. Today, this social networking internet site is now considered to be certainly one of the most important social networking websites existing. Here, you may see that over 7.1 billion humans are now active members and are still continually growing.

With figures like this, you recognize that it’ll offer you with a very massive possibility to boom your income and your profit. In truth, it’s so big that big businesses or groups are actually advertising and marketing on Facebook.

Basically, Facebook is a social networking website. Once you join, you will be capable of finding your friends who also are a member and upload them to your listing. This will create a small organization of your pals and it’s going to enable you to view their profiles and realize greater about them and vice versa. You may even send and receive messages in addition to remarks.

Also, you may be capable of post on announcements that your pals may be capable read.

These are the matters that you can do with Facebook. It is basically the quickest growing social networking websites today. Because of this, a number of human beings have commenced advertising on Facebook. The great aspect of Facebook advertising and marketing is that it presents a unfastened and clean manner to promote services and products. With the included tools in Facebook, you’ll be able to take benefit of it, which include the Stumble Upon and Digg buttons to sell your website or your products and services.

This is a fantastic way to generate centered visitors for your website and it will enable you to increase the potential in promoting your products and services as well as boom the quantity of income.

Because Facebook is available for human beings from everywhere in the global, your enterprise can be capable of reach out to extra humans if you market it on Facebook.

In modern-day ever aggressive enterprise international, you recognize that you need to use every device available that allows you to get beforehand of your competitors. So, the next time you are thinking about advertising your enterprise online, you might need to strive advertising and marketing in Facebook. Here, you will be capable of reach out to greater people and it is also smooth to accomplish that and the nice component approximately it’s far that it is unfastened.

With Facebook, you may surely be capable of efficiently market your business. Marketing in Facebook is loose, smooth, and fun.

These are the matters which you want to do not forget every time you want to attempt advertising online. Try becoming a member of Facebook and you may see the capability on letting it help your enterprise develop.


Source by Alexander Obezchik

Digital Marketing Lessons For The Speedy Growth Of Start Ups

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Having good marketing and product skills is necessary for the ceaseless growth of a startup. Undoubtedly, going to the fail, middle, and success are three usual phrases of life where you get pretty important lessons on how things work to avoid the failures. Keep an eye to such lessons and apply them to get the integrated result so you will be sharing your personal story with the whole world. Bad marketing has the worst impact on your customers so it is necessary to have two most significant traits i.e. good products or intelligent services and great marketing skills.

Digital Marketing Skills To Give Great Boost To Your Start up:-

  • Think Twice Before Choosing The Marketing Medium: There are different types of mediums through which you can make your brand bigger. The growing examples of such mediums fascinate the most people and let them post ads for their business for the benefits. Choosing a platform wisely is actually important as it lets you determine whether the engaging opportunities will going to help you in the future or not.
  • Choose Target Audience: To optimize your leads, choosing a platform that serves you with the target audience is much more important than just choosing the platform that has a number of visitors. Serving the ads after the basic filtering is waste as simply liking the ad posts or seeing them is not the actual agenda of posting the ads. Instead, choose a platform that leads your way to the target audience so you get better business and not just likes.
  • Content Quality Matters: The images and the content matter of an ad is the prime thing that entertains the visitor and fascinate the person to check into the leads. Instead of stuffing the site with the rubbish and using the keywords dramatically, try to draft some engaging and call to action phrases as to make your content appealing. Furthermore, use keywords that go with the organic way so they will not feel like stuffed forcefully.
  • Discover All About The Customer’s Need: Understanding the customer’s need to optimize your sales and boost up your company’s identity is essential so that you can adapt with the changes into your products accordingly. Serving as per the user’s end has a paramount significance to get the better results.
  • User Experience And Feedback: User experience is all about the interface of the website and the responsiveness of the pages. The feedback about the products and services the customers have used also boost up the confidence level. Sharing the valuable feedback in the section helps to maintain the stability in the relations and also engage some more customers.


Source by Gunjan Singh

Successful Film Marketing Strategies

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“It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it”.

— Roger Ebert

Unlike any other art, Films have a much greater impact on human’s mental consciousness. It holds the capability to impose an emotional instability in human minds. This is why it is said that movie making is more about observing and imagining. Now in this century, Filmmaking is not just about the script, screenplay and all. It comprises of lot many other factors. In Fact, a successful film promotion is merely about the Film marketing strategies related to that.

So, what is film marketing?

Many of us believe that the success of a film is all about how well it run in theaters.Well, I would say, Film marketing is all about driving the desired audience unto the theaters. Sometimes called film junket or press junket, Film marketing consists of various elements such as press releases, advertising, interviews, media involvements and most prominently Social Medias nowadays.

It’s no longer about Television, Print, and Outdoor

This is more like an enlightenment for every filmmaker these days. Back then, an efficient Film marketing strategy was all about the television, prints and all. But now it has changed, because, in order to reach the audience you need to find them at first. Today, it’s all about the internet.You need to find more people, you better go online, as simple as that.

Film Marketing strategies went digital

Well, it’s not a big surprise factor that film industries have adopted Digital Marketing techniques as a part of well structured Film Marketing Strategies. In fact, movie studios are moving beyond the typical techniques such as teasers, trailers and lot more by conducting Google hangouts with the crew, live streaming music launches, contests and so on.And the most interesting fact is that the spend on Film marketing Digital strategies has risen enormously these years.

I believe there are three major stages in a successful film marketing strategy, introducing, interacting and involving. Digital Media has involvement in all these three stages, great involvement indeed.

Search engine optimization for an effective film marketing strategies

Search engine optimization as an overall term for all the works and efforts we are investing on to the promotion of any services/products are not negligible. Unlike any other Digital marketing campaigns, Film marketing deserves more conviction as well as perception, even in its promotional campaigns.There are so many factors involved in this ranging from keywords to social media.

How Social media influence the way movies are marketed?

As a part of Digital marketing strategy, Social media has become one of the ‘behind the change’ reason, as films can gain a huge amount of buzz through it. It means, there is no longer need to rely on official reviews and adverts to know about the latest releases. Here is a quick review of few film marketing strategies in relation to social media.

Leaked images- Even though this seems to be an outdated technique, it still works. This kind of techniques is used probably for the promotion of superhero movies. The theory behind this tactic is that the movie producers will generate some excitement, years before the release of their films through leaked images. As the images would not reveal much more about the movie and characters, yet will definitely create a huge amount of online publicity and chatter.

Visual micro content- This is more like an emotional way of marketing, I would say. A movie called ‘If I stay’ recently implement this film marketing idea very successfully. The initial step towards this kind of campaign is always targeting the right social media platforms. And then generating visual micro content suitable for the platform. Sharing the banners, posting the behind the scenes pictures are also effective.

Content marketing campaign- Content is always effective and it’s definite that it will bring some results to you. Once again it is more related to social media channels. Even if a film marketing strategy is all about the kind of film to which we are dealing with, content is always helpful. One can also try local news stations, discussion boards and more along with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and so.

Video marketing- Very familiar, much effective, this is how one could interpret the role of video marketing Film marketing strategies. No matter what, we are ready to take chances on some products that we have not seen or tested properly, this is why the trailers are significant. It gives an initial impression and it’s a proven success. And I recommend seeing your trailer video initially through your official website, which obviously allows the audience to make more interaction through your social media mediums.

Social competitions and quizzes- It will become a huge disaster if you believe that the introduction part is enough.The fact is that you will miss the entire party. Interaction is very significant especially when coming to Film marketing. It may not be the most innovative thing you can do to improve the engagement but it can very effective at times.

Persona marketing- Your film will certainly have some interesting character that the audience could connect with in one way or another.Lot many Film marketing campaigns have already played on the audience’s emotions for particular fictional characters by developing a persona around those characters on social media. A Perfect example for this is the Ted character in the Twitter. With almost 7 lakh followers, Ted began posting some funny comments which in fact brought some unexpected results.

Alternate reality games- A slightly more complicated and deep Film marketing strategy is Alternate reality games (ARGs). This develops a fictional world that the users in the real world may interact with by using online communities. ARGs is a wonderful way to get your movie audiences involved and thereby creating ‘brand loyalty.

Make use of memes and other UGC Forms- This is more like a mutual beneficial Film marketing strategy. Memes are offering a great marketing opportunity, in such a way that your audience will create some highly shareable content that conclusively benefits your Film promotional strategies. The benefit of using memes is that they are easily customizable as well as quick to produce. Yet another possible strategy is to use caption contests, fan art or any other effective user-generated content tactics.

Google AdWords for the more targeted outcome- Each day, millions and millions of movie related searches are made in Google. I would say, the quickest way to reach those people is always Google AdWords.Even if it is not much of a cost effective way, it definitely is an option for those who care about reaching more targeted audiences.

Final thoughts

How powerful the visual media is or How much impact it can impose on humanity? The answer to his question is always about how well it reach the people. And Film marketing or Movie promotion is the beacon that leads to this destination.


Team eetti


Source by Edward White

A Review of Network Marketer Dr Ellie Drake

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When you start an internet business there are many things you want to know and you may not even know where to begin. Most of us that start a home business don’t have a lot of capital to spend on getting the training and information we need. We are just trying to supplement our income.

There are several internet marketers available on the web that purports to help individuals learn all they need to know for a little amount. With Network Marketer Dr. Ellie Drake you may find that she is actually giving you what you need. The decision is of course up to you. This article is just a review to tell you about the products and offers Dr. Ellie Drake has to offer.

First off with Dr. Ellie Drake she often has teleconferences in which you can sign up for and call in. The idea is that she will talk about marketing strategies as well as answer any questions you may have regarding her programs. The teleconferences are going to be listed on her website for the dates and time.

You sign up and receive a call in code. You are also able to sign up for her newsletter and mailing list if you would like to hear about more of her items and internet marketing strategies. Dr. Ellie Drake offers books, CD’s, and other courses to help you learn what you need to know in regards to marketing your own internet site.

Basically what you should know about Dr. Ellie Drake is that she is a motivational speaker as well as a network marketer. She has been speaking with different groups all over the place to give her motivational seminar and inspire many to join the online world.

She is a businesswoman and been successful for the last 15 years in her endeavors according to her website. This is important when you consider who to trust. You want to make sure you are listening to someone who not only employs what they are talking about, but has the information and the zeal to carry it offer in a professional manner.

On her website you are able to find information about Dr. Ellie Drake from her endeavors to her blog where she will answer questions and pose information to be critical in the network marketing field. She has everything from media, video clips, audio clips, and written articles in her blog to help you learn what you need to know to become a success for yourself.

You can purchase books, audio CD’s, DVD’s, and training packages from her online store in order to understand how she has done what she’s done and to become apart of the success. You will find that there are success stories offered by those who have tried her programs as well. Dr. Ellie Drake seems to be a very legitimate business woman and is hoping to help several learn network marketing for a successful business for those who want a home based business.


Source by Brian Garvin

AdWords Success Tips to Achieve Your Online Marketing Goals

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These days most companies will turn to the professional services of a SEO company when it comes to their AdWords advertising campaign. This is due to the fact that these marketing campaigns require constant monitoring, reassessing and amending and most company owners don’t have the time to manage this while still trying to run a successful company.

If you are doing your own campaign, then there are a few AdWords success tips that a SEO company will tell you to ensure your adverts help you achieve your online marketing goals in the long run. The first thing you are going to want to focus on is the adverts themselves. You need to have excellent customer knowledge and knowledge about your competitors, you need to know what your clients will be looking for so you can gear your adverts towards that to attract attention and drive more traffic to your website.

The second important AdWords success tips is to do thorough keyword research. Identify the keywords and key phrases your customers are using when they search for products or services that you supply online. Choose your keywords with care, using long, short and local SEO orientated keywords to target your audience and ensure that you increase the chances of a client seeing and clicking on your advert.

Then you are going to want to focus on the attraction of your advert. What is going to make your audience want to click on your link over the other links available? What is going to make your advert more appealing? Make use of headings, tags and more to ensure that you are always working to reach your audience. As you would with your off-line marketing, such as pamphlet drops, you now need to gear your efforts towards the millions of people that search on the internet each and every day.

Keep your adverts informative ideally try and answer a question. Chances a client that goes online to search for a product has a reason. Identifying why your clients would want your product and answering that question quickly, ensuring that they see the answer and click on the link should be your primary focus at all times.

Set yourself a budget. Remember AdWords works on a daily budget amount. This set budget can be split among various adverts, so you can choose which adverts receive the most of the budget and so forth. A good SEO company will tell you to ensure the advert that draws the most traffic receives the highest budget for the day and then work your budget down accordingly. The benefit is that you can change the budget as and when you want to, so you can identify what works best with each advert.

Another thing a SEO company will tell you is that you need to monitor the success of your AdWords campaign daily. You can generate reports so you can see which adverts are working and which aren’t. Identify why the non-performing adverts aren’t providing you with eh results you wanted to achieve. If you have an advert with very few or no clicks, then you may want to scrap that advert completely reassess the situation and generate some new adverts to see how they perform.

Taking all this into consideration, if you decide that you don’t have the time needed, then hire a professional SEO company that has experience with AdWords campaigns. They should provide you with detailed monthly reports so you can see how your advertising budget is working for you and see the traffic being driven to your website as a result.


Source by Anoop K Krishnan

The Value Of Utilising Talented SEO Copywriters

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In an Internet-driven marketplace, it is vital that businesses in all industries take steps to ensure that they have a strong presence online. This should include a high-quality, up to date and informative website, being active across social media channels and appearing at the top of search engine results lists. This can be difficult to achieve, which is why so many modern businesses are using internet marketing agencies to grow their business.

One key way that this is achieved is search engine optimisation (SEO). This is a marketing tool where authoritative and helpful content is created and used to improve the reliability of a website. This is done utilising keywords or phrases related to your business or industry. Over time, this will see search engines like Google rank your business as a reliable and helpful source and you will rise through the results lists. When you appear near the top, it will direct traffic to your website and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Not just this, but it can also boost your reputation as an important player in the industry.

For a campaign to be effective and valuable, the content which is created must be of the highest standard. It is for this reason that it is important to find a reputable internet marketing agency, as these agencies will have a team of talented SEO copywriters. These experienced writers will be able to generate a stream of fresh content which is optimised and relevant, while also being informative, engaging and of high quality.

In addition to creating regular content for SEO purposes, these copywriters can also be enlisted to help with your other content. This will include all of the static content on your website, which is how you present your company to the world. Therefore, it must be clear, concise and reflect your brand identity. Through working alongside your business and thorough planning and research, these writers can create excellent content which paints your organisation in a positive light.

Content is king when it comes to SEO, as it can both help to improve your visibility and also convert visitors into customers. It is a crucial part of any internet marketing campaign, which is why it is important to find an agency that has the best copywriters. The best way to identify these agencies is to look at the content on their website and to contact them and ask for a sample. This should be closely analysed to ensure that it is accurate, informative and also has personality. Personality is important as it differentiates you from the competition and helps you to stand out.

Modern consumers first turn to the internet when shopping for any product or service. More specifically, they will use a search engine like Google and select one of the top ranked websites. If they like what they see at the company website, they will become a customer. This means that all businesses need to appear at, or near, the top of these results lists if they are to get traffic to their site. To convert the visitor to a customer, the website copy must be of high standard in addition to having quality products/services at a good value. This can all be achieved with a powerful SEO campaign.


Source by Molly Bell

2 Ways To Start Any Online Business

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There are two ways to start a business.

Method #1 is the method chosen by nearly all online marketers, and it goes like this:

You have a great idea. A terrific idea. The idea of the century.

Or just a good idea.

In any case, you think about it. You do some research. You talk to your friends and see what they think.

And then you go for it.

You execute the idea, make the product or service, and wait for people to buy.

Except that they don’t. No, it’s not your marketing – your marketing is fine.

No one is buying because you are just one more bit of noise in a very noisy world.

You’re just one more person trying to sell something.

And they don’t have time for you.

It’s nothing personal. It’s reality.

Then there is method #2:

You have a great idea. You do some research, talk to your friends and so forth.

You decide to go for it.

But you don’t start with making the product or service.

Instead you focus on finding the audience and building a list.

You build a list of a few hundred people interested in this exact thing.

Then you build your product, and you tell your list.

And your list pays attention to you.

You are no longer an interruption in their day.

They asked you to email them.

And they buy.

You can even use this list to tweak your product, validate your product, presell your product… do you see how powerful this is?

Here are two examples of putting this method into action, courtesy of VideoFruit.

Case Study #1: 250 subscribers and a $10,000 product launch.

John buys a WordPress theme from Michael Hyatt. John realizes the theme is difficult for new users, and people could use help with it.

So John creates an email list around this theme, and then creates a course on how to use the theme.

He got 250 people who were interested in getting help with Michael’s theme, and sold $10,000 worth of the product.

From the time he thought of the idea to the time his product launch ended was 30 days.

The product itself was sold for 7 days.

Imagine if you got the same results and repeated this every month.

Case Study #2: 2,000 subscribers and a $325,000 product launch in 90 days.

Katherine wanted to create a journal that boosted productivity. So she built a list around the topic of journaling for productivity, and created and sold her journal. From start to finish it took her 90 days.

She launched on Kickstarter but used her list to jumpstart the campaign. Thanks to her list, her campaign received $40,000 in 4 days from her list, and the campaign took off from there.

She succeeded because she didn’t try to get everyone on Kickstarter to buy her product. Instead, she focused on her email list, and once she got them to buy, everything else fell into place.

Building your audience first, and then creating the product to sell to them has tremendous advantages.

Plus it’s just plain easier than building the product first, and then trying to find an audience.

Here’s what to do:

  • Choose your niche – something profitable with lots of interested people, like health and wellness or self-improvement or business.
  • Choose your sub-niche – the small niche within a niche that you can be the master of, making you the sub-niche ‘leader’ if you will.
  • Create an offer they crave – this will be your lead magnet to attract people to sign up. NOTE: Sometimes it can be as simple as an announcement list that will tell them when the solution to their problem is available.
  • Cultivate relationships with your audience. Keep your readers interested by continuing the conversation you’ve already started.
  • Cultivate real relationships with your peers, so you might gain access to their audiences later.
  • Validate your idea or offer with your subscribers, to make sure you’re on the right track. Ask for feedback and make any adjustments you see fit.
  • [Optional: Do a pilot run selling a very limited number of copies at a discount, to get feedback and further refine your product.]
  • Launch when you have enough subscribers to make it count. The actual number will depend on your topic and niche. You saw from one of the case studies above that it can be done with just 250 subscribers if the topic is narrow enough.

Does this all sound somewhat backwards to you? We’ve been conditioned to think we should make the product first and then find the customers.

But if you do it the other way around, you’ll know in advance if you’re on the right track or not.

And when you do launch, you’ll be making sales from Day 1, which is far more pleasant than launching, then scrambling to get traffic, and finally realizing you’ve wasted your time.

The next time you have a great idea, give this technique a shot.

There is no reason in the world why you can’t have your own $5,000- $10,000 launch in 30 days if you follow this plan.


Source by Nick James

Expert Tips for Enhancing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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Every entrepreneur wishes to have an Internet marketing strategy that is fool-proof. The reality is that there’s no cookie cutter approach to marketing on the Web. It takes a lot of analysis, testing and even more analysis to see what works and what doesn’t. It also helps to have a squad that can help with writing content for your ads, blogs and social media posts. An SEO agency can be very helpful in this case.

If you’re just starting out, with or without help from an Internet marketing agency, you need to ensure you’re making the right moves to improve your SEO, social media marketing and PPC campaigns. One way to do that is to acquire tips from the experts who have successfully orchestrated such initiatives.

Let’s take a look at some of the advice being offered by the pros at SEO companies.

Don’t Overlook the Potential of Snapchat

A lot of people slept on Facebook when it first came out, so be warned – you don’t want to make the same mistake with Snapchat. Although this platform is very different from the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it holds great potential for entrepreneurs. There are clever ways this network can be used to promote your products and services. Just take a look at how some of the other small businesses are doing it.

Never Stop Experimenting

Internet marketing is a never ending lesson, so never believe you know it all or have it all figured out. You may have a good grasp on your campaign right now, but once Google changes its algorithm or a new trend starts in the social media realm, you’re going to be left behind in the dust unless you learn a few new tricks. Continue to test different versions of your campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. These experiments should be frequent and ongoing.

Try Broadcasting Live On Facebook to Increase Reach

Every marketer on Facebook is looking for a way to increase their reach, using posts and paid ads. This sometimes works, but not frequently enough. If you are not having much luck with your Facebook marketing, then you should consider broadcasting live content. The algorithm Facebook has incentivizes live broadcasting, so it’s an excellent opportunity for brands to get their content in front of as many people as possible.

Keep Videos Engaging (Drop the Selfie-Stick)

Once live video took off, a lot of people went out and bought selfie-sticks for their recording sessions. But there’s really no need to- keeping your camera at arms length is sufficient enough. It makes the video feel more personable, which helps people to connect with you and tend to be more engaging.

Don’t Take Complaints to Heart

Negative feedback shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it also shouldn’t be taken to heart. If the complaints you’re receiving are substantiated, then seek to resolve the problem. This will help smooth things over with the customer, and it will prevent the same issue from arising again in the future. So one way to look at it is that negative comments can help to better your brand overall, so don’t overlook them. Welcome them with open arms.

Use Tools to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

If you try to sit around posting to social media networks all day, then when will you have time to actually run your business? You can free up a whole lot of time by using various tools that can schedule content to be posted throughout the day. These can even be scheduled weeks or months in advance. All you have to do then is just make occasional appearances to post about current trending topics in real time.

Pay Attention to User Behavior

Numbers are one thing, but actually seeing how it translates in the real world means everything. You need analysts on your team who can take raw data and determine user behavior just by looking at the numbers. You can then couple this with the more obvious data, like posts, comments and shares you witness on social media. It’s important to give special attention to how people are (or aren’t) engaging with your content. It’s best to work with an expert from an SEO agency so you can have access to knowledge and tools that can greatly improve your marketing strategy.


Source by Hugh Benjamin

How Do You Start An Online Store Without Any Products?

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The shop keepers in your local high street don’t produce everything they sell. They purchase products from a supplier, put them into stock and then mark-up the products to sell on to their customers.

When you start an online store, you don’t have to purchase any products before you sell them. You can sell products that have been created by another people and when you make a sale, the product owner pays you a commission.

Welcome To The World Of Affiliate Marketing

This business model is called affiliate marketing and it’s an easy route to starting your own online store. You can sell physical and digital products as an affiliate. Physical products are items that are delivered to your customer’s front door. Digital products are items that your customer can download instantly to their computer after purchase.

Top Affiliate Marketing Products

The best products to sell via affiliate marketing are those that won’t go out of style anytime soon. The big evergreen markets of health and fitness, money and love will never go out of fashion. People will always have problems and issues in those areas that they want solved and will be looking for someone or something to solve them. There are, of course, other affiliate niches that you could look at.

Start With Digital Products

The most profitable affiliate products are digital products, rather than physical products. People will buy digital products faster and get them as soon as they buy them. Plus, you’re likely to earn more money per item when promoting and selling digital items. Digital products are generally informative. They can be eBooks, audio or video courses, newsletters, software or access to membership websites.

Solve Problems for Your Audience

You want to find products that solve problems for your audience. Search for products that you can sell as an affiliate that offer solutions for your audience. Take the time to do some research. Just because there is an affiliate product or service out there that you can sell, it doesn’t mean that countless numbers of people will want to buy it.

Different Products Pay Different Commissions

Always know in advance how much commission you will get paid when you make a sale. Every affiliate program out there has a different payout process. Some pay out monthly, some make you wait until you reach a sales threshold and others have even more complicated rules. Read all the rules, and understand when and how you’ll be paid.


Source by Jon Allo