How to Get Free Network Marketing Leads

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Is there such a thing as free network marketing leads?

NO, is the real answer.

There is a COST to everything you do. If you’re not paying with money you will be paying by some other means, this is usually TIME. Time to many is more valuable than money. There is no limit to how much money you can make in 24 hours, but there will only every be 24 hours in a day. In this article I will giving you examples of how you can get free network marketing leads without paying money for them.

Armed with the knowledge that you are entering the the realms of trading money for time, you have to appreciate that results from any free marketing methods may take longer to come to fruition. Let’s look at some methods which can be used to get cash free leads.

1.  Articles. Writing articles about what you know to do with your product or service will cost you no money. Submit your articles to ezines (online magazines) such as the one you are reading now. In your article remember to put who you are and have a link going to your desired lead capture page.

2.  Video Marketing. Using the same knowledge that you will be putting in your articles you can make a quick 2 minute video on your chosen topic. I say 2 minutes as you have to bare in mind peoples attention span. In a video you want to deliver what the viewer wants as soon as possible. Again in the video say who you are and give the viewer a call to action, tell them what you want them to do and where they need to do it.

3. Press Releases. A press release is an announcement or explanation of a product or service, they are typically 2 paragraphs to a page long with your details at the bottom. Your press release needs to be well scripted to grab the readers attention. Use bullet points to express the key benefits for your product or service. Give the reader enough information without getting into too much detail, this way if they want more information they will have to contact you.

Before I continue, allow me to add more value to the above methods. Once you have written your article’s, press release’s or made your video’s it would be wise to submit these on as many websites as possible. Leveraging your content is the perfect way of doing this. Having one piece of content which is displayed on many, in some cases hundreds of different sites, widens your ‘internet real estate’, brands you and drives traffic to your capture pages.

Let’s get on with it.

4.  Classified Ads. Much like what you see in the back of a newspaper/magazine or similar to sponsored pay per click ads on various search engines, there are websites which you can freely submit your classified ads to. Keep them short, have a killer headline, with some punchy bi-copy and a link back to your capture pages.

5.  Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, BetterNetworker, LinkedIn to name just a few are brilliant places to gain free network marketing leads. The key to social media marketing is to be sociable. I wouldn’t suggest adding tons of friends and throwing them the link to your capture page straight away. For best results you need to build relationships with people. Once a rapor has developed you will be in a better position to expose your group of friends to your opportunity.

6.  Blogs. Have a blog which further helps to brand you or which is about your product or service or both! A blog is a good way to centralise and control your traffic. From your article’s, press release’s, video’s etc there can be a link which directs back to your blog. Linking back to your blog will vastly increase its ranking in search engines which obviously increases the value of your internet real estate. Continue to give valuable information on your blog, get people to comment on your posts, have opt-in forms on your blog and keep your blog active, update it 2-3 times minimum a week.

If you actively do all the above, over time you will start to see the results. Don’t expect to put up and a piece of content today and tomorrow get 100’s of leads from it. That won’t happen! In time though that piece of content could generate you 100’s / 1000’s of free leads.

I must stress again that using any of these methods to gain free network marketing leads involves and consumes a lot of your time. But it is an excellent way of branding yourself and increasing your internet real estate. Content is king, and the more quality content you have out there working for you the more leads you are going to acquire.

Once you have some content up and leveraged it will be there for as long as the website it has been submitted to is there, so you can be gaining free network marketing leads 1 year, 2 years 5 years from now from just one piece of content you submitted all that time ago.

To your time well spent



Source by Dwayne Huggins

What is the Best Way to Approach a Bar For a Job?

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There’s a myth that finding work in bars is actually incredibly difficult, especially since the economic downturn. However, while the recession has meant that finding work is harder than it has been in the past, finding a bar job is not as complicated and difficult as some people make it out to be.

Finding the right bar:

It can be difficult to separate those pubs looking for staff from those who aren’t interested. Depending on the type of bar, there’s every chance that vacancies could simply be advertised on a notice outside, so it can’t hurt to walk around your local area and just check windows and doors of bars and pubs for vacancy signs. If you’ve got time you can always go in and ask. The problem with this method is that the landlord or supervisor needs to be in before you can get any solid information, and it takes a lot of time to walk into every bar in town and make enquiries.

Depending on the bar, they might advertise through a variety of different methods. Small, independent pubs often use Job Centre or local classified ads as these are cheaper options than advertising on the web services like Gumtree.

Getting the job:

Once you found a bar that has a vacancy, find out what they after. Not every bar will need your CV but it’s a good thing to keep on hand. Some of the bigger chains will usually have a form for you to fill out instead. Smaller bars tend to be slightly more informal. Appearance can be important in bar work so dress smart – although a full suit might be a bit too far!

One of the things most bar owners will be interested in is your experience. The important thing about experience is not to lie. If you’ve never pulled a drink or mixed a cocktail before, you’ll need training and practice. In some cases, the only reason owners will ask for experience is to find out if you’ll need help when you start. If you do find that you’re losing out due to lack of experience try to get work at a bar chain like Yates, Wetherspoons or Varsity who are more likely to have the resources available to train new staff.

What not to do:

Don’t run through the telephone book cold calling bars. It takes a lot of time and it’s generally going to annoy more landlords and bar owners than it is find you work. Even if you do talk over the telephone you’ll still need to go into the bar anyway to supply more details. Don’t go into bars and ask about jobs without having some form of contact details to give to the staff in case the owner isn’t around. Ultimately, finding bar work is just like finding any job. Be polite but persistent, make full use of the internet and try hard to sell yourself to your potential employer.


Source by Mirna Khoury

What Is A Multilingual Or Bilingual Virtual Assistant?

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If you are wondering what a virtual assistant, or VA can do for you, you will find out that the answer is ‘a lot’. Virtual assistants are independent entrepreneurs that can offer professional administrative and technical assistance, and even creative or social services to their clients. The distinctive mark of a such a person is that he or she works from a home office, using Internet and the phone as means of communication.

When you hire a such a person you can delegate daily tasks that have to be performed, so that you will have more time to manage your business. Be they long-term or short-term projects, the tasks that you decide to delegate to your virtual assistant can include a wide range of services and this only depends on what you need and the skills of the person you hire. Although they will not become your employees, he or she will still have to perform just like one.

A bilingual or multilingual VA is a person who masters two or even more foreign languages. If your business needs to do business in a foreign country, this is quite helpful. Once she or he has become familiar with the operations in your company, your VA can use his or her mother tongue or a foreign language she or he masters to communicate with your foreign customers.

The list of tasks that can be delegated to a VA can be quite long, but here are some of the most common types:

Administrative Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant

Organizing and managing your correspondence or e-mail campaigns that enhance your business. You VA can manage the database with your customers or services you offer, enter new accounts, information and update it whenever it is necessary.

Or perhaps you need travel arrangements, calendar management, research, data entry, transcription. These are typical tasks you can ask your virtual assistant to perform. Any other administrative services that you consider important but do not have enough time to deal with, you can delegate to your VA. Bilingual or multilingual virtual assistants can handle all such tasks in the foreign languages they are proficient with. This allows you more time to deal with more important tasks.

All you need is your computer, an Internet connection and perhaps a phone to be permanently in touch with your VA.

Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Perform

There are professionals that offer virtual assistance services that specialize in Internet and social media marketing. This means you can hire them to set up press release and article marketing campaigns. You can also ask skillful VAs to improve the SEO for your website and offer suggestions on how to grow your business through Internet marketing techniques. You will find VAs that can use social media to generate new leads for your business. Creating a business blog, setting up an interesting Facebook page, Twitter campaigns or any other cutting-edge social media tools can be tasks to delegate to your VA.

VAs Offer Customer Services

When you are interested in finding customers worldwide, a multilingual or bilingual virtual assistant is an invaluable partner who can communicate with your clients who speak the languages the VA is fluent in. Your VA can connect with your prospects and customers in their native language and this process can boost your business.

Multilingual Virtual Assistant Can Also Handle Translation Tasks

If you need to translate your website, articles, Powerpoint presentations or press releases in the language of the country you are interested in, you can ask your virtual assistant to take care of these tasks. Of course, there are machine translations but everybody knows that their performance is not yet satisfactory. Human translation cannot be replaced yet. This is why whenever you deal with foreign customers, hiring a multilingual or bilingual virtual assistant is the best choice. Being more involved with your day to day operations, she or he can do a better job than a certified translator. Certified translators usually charge more, so this might mean you can save money.

International SEO and Internet Marketing Performed By VAs

A bilingual or a multilingual virtual assistant can assist you with not just translating your website but also with optimizing it so that search engines will rank it higher. You can find the right person to perform SEO for the targeted languages if you look for multilingual virtual assistants. A native speaker will better know which keywords are relevant in their country, so the translation can be more accurate and culturally adjusted to the audience it is intended for. Sites such as Google or Bing will favor your website if you have performed International SEO with your assistant help.

These persons can become your partners, not just your employees and the efficient and cost-effective solution of hiring them will translate into better results for your company. Outsourcing your routine tasks to a VA, will allow you to focus on more important operations of your core business, so your productivity will increase.


Source by Claudia Amendola

Benefits of a Sales Letter

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A sales letter is an important tool when selling yourself, your company or your products to the general public. The benefits of a sales letter to your bottom line can be significant, as this letter must, literally, take the place of a salesperson. To be effective, the document will encompass several necessary points, and be formatted in a way which has been proven to gain results. Catching and keeping the attention of the reader is just one of the essential ingredients of a well-written sales letter. It’s recommended to have your sales letter professionally written to make sure it properly influences your target audience and includes a persuasive edge.

Some of the benefits of a professional sales letter include:

• Introducing your business

• Enhancing professionalism

• Building trust

• Creating hope

• Offering a solution

Introduction to Your Business

Introducing the services and products you have to offer will give you advantages over your competition. Waiting to see if people will come to you is not always the best plan. Target your demographic and introduce yourself up front. A well-written sales letter will catch the reader’s attention with an appropriate headline and persuasive copy, plus offer details about who you are, how you run your business, and the type of products or services that you offer.

Professionalism and Trust

When you present a sharp and polished letter that gives your customers the information they’ve been seeking, this will give the reader a sense of your professional talents and help to formulate trust in your business, company and products. A sales letter gives you the opportunity to share testimonials from satisfied customers, offer guarantees for your product or showcase other points of proficiency that you and your business possess.

Hope and Solutions

A well-written sales letter creates hope for customers who need solutions to a problem. This is crucial to catching and keeping the attention of your readers, and encouraging follow-through to your products and services. You are aware of all the problems that can be solved by opting for the solutions your company can provide. A sales letter will convey these solutions in a way which leaves the reader feeling comfortable that you are the most skillful, knowledgeable and savvy in your field, therefore prompting them to select your company to improve the quality of their lives.


Source by Niki Hampton

Globalization Measurement & Key Players

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The most well-known index for globalization is the KOF index. The KOF Index of Globalization was introduced in 2002 by the KOF Swiss Economic Institute and the index was published by Axel Dreher and his team. The overall index measures the economic, social, and political dimensions of globalization. Now data is available on a yearly basis for 122 countries, and the 2007 index introduces an updated version of the original index. In constructing the indices of globalization, the variables are transformed to an index on a scale of 1 to 100, where 100 is the maximum value for a specific variable over the periods and 1 is the minimum value. Higher values denote greater globalization. According to the index, the world’s most globalized countries are Belgium, Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

The least globalized countries are Haiti, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, and Burundi. Another very popular measure of globalization is the joint publication of A. T. Kearney Foreign Policy Magazine Index (KFP). The KFP aims to provide a comprehensive measure of the extent of globalization across the world by assessing and ranking 62 countries, representing all the major regions that account for 96 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), and 85 percent of the world’s population. The KFP index concentrates on four main dimensions of globalization: economic integration, technological connectivity, personal contact, and political engagement. According to the KFP Index, in 2006, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, and Denmark were the most globalized countries, while Egypt, Indonesia, India, and Iran were the least globalized countries in the list.

Antiglobalization (mundialism) is a term used to describe the political, economic, and sociological stance of people, groups, and organizations who oppose the neoliberal ideology of globalization. Some antiglobalization groups and organizations are the International Institute for Sustainable Development; the International Forum on Globalization; Greenpeace; the World Wide Fund for Nature; Oxfam; Friends of the Earth International; the Center for International Environmental Law; Public Citizen; Consumers International; the World Conservation Union; Focus on the Global South; One World; the Third World Network; the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development; and the Center for Research on Globalization. Some antiglobalization individuals are Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, Martin Khor, Mary Robinson, Joseph Stiglitz, Noam Chomsky, Dani Rodrik, and John Ralston Saul.

Pro-globalism (globalism) is a term used to describe the political, economic, and sociological stance of people, groups, and organizations who defend the neoliberal ideology of globalization, such as free trade, economic freedom, libertarianism, and democratic globalization. Some pro-globalization groups and organizations are the International Policy Network; Sustainable Development Network; the Competitive Enterprise Institute; the Cato Institute; the Institute of Public Affairs; the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research; World Growth; the Heritage Foundation; WTO; IMF; World Bank; and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Some pro-globalization individuals are Johan Norberg, Douglas A. Irwin, Jeffrey Sachs, Jagdish Bhagwati, Martin Wolf, Philippe Legrain, and Mike Moore.


Source by Francesco Zinzaro

Why Online Free Ads Posting Helps to Boost Your Business

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As a business owner, your focus will be on extending your outreach, tap the potential base of customers, and create avenues for interacting with new customers. The question that comes up next is how do you go about the process? It is evident that you have to latch on to an advertising strategy that works, and helps boost the profitability and productivity of your enterprise. The mesh of web has immense power, and so you can use this to your advantage.

Increases your visibility

More and more entrepreneurs are banking on the power and potential of the online free ads posting. The concept is convenient, cost-effective and affordable. It helps you connect with the existing base of customers, at the same time, you can use the web-based option for tapping new avenues and opportunities. The rationale is not too difficult to understand. Nowadays, most people resort to net shopping. They use the power of the net not only for shopping but also for researching. It all boils down to making yourself visible, and since, you have the web-based option to cash in on, you need not worry about making yourself visible.

You can be specific and generic

With the use and application of the online free ads posting, you can reach out to the visitors belonging to a specific location. In other words, the platform facilitates narrowing down, whereby, you can limit your reach to visitors, according to their location and language. You can make the searching tool browser, as well as, device specific. The search option can be specified with keywords, and the users can use those keywords for reaching out to you. Just as you can reach out to the limited base of buyers, similarly, the tool plays an effective part in increasing your outreach, because it has in it the option for connecting you with the social networking platforms.

You are always accessible

You can save your time, money and effort by using the net-based advertisements. You already know how it adds to your visibility and gives you the exposure that you have been looking for. If you want to bring about a change in the content of the advertisement, you can do so, with the click of a mouse. When compared to the other channels of advertising, the net based option is lots more flexible and versatile. If you were to resort to a local daily for promoting your product or service, you would not be in a position to expect round the clock accessibility. But the advertisement that you have posted on the unpaid net-based listing is always accessible to the relevant buyers.

Visitors can be tracked

Similarly, if you depended on the electronic media for showcasing your advertisement, you would have to depend on the show time of the television or radio channels. But things are different when you use the net-based avenue for showcasing your brand image. You are always there, ready to serve the buyer, right at the time when he needs you the most. Not only this, you can keep a definite track of every single visitor who comes searching for your product or service because the website that serves as a link between you and the visitor takes note of the browser’s cookie to keep you informed and connected. With the information provided, you can give a new thrust to your marketing policy.


Source by Arava Agrawal

3 Steps to Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Small companies have found out, rather painfully, that commercial websites are useless without traffic. Your website may be the most glamorous around, but if people can’t find it, it won’t help you make profit or create publicity for your brand. YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms that that you can use to get people checking out your website. And there is a reason why: it accounts for more than 12% of all internet searches by itself! Now that’s phenomenal. So how can you maximize its potential? Here are 3 steps to using YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

Step 1: Be precise in communicating what you do

Sounds obvious, right? However many people forget to do this, and therefore YouTube watchers will not have a clear idea of what you are selling. A rule of thumb is to have a concise and compelling call to action (CTA) message at the end of your video. Make sure that the viewer is informed of how to reach your website. In your CTA, thank the viewers, and urge them to head over to your site for more related content.

Step 2: Describe your videos

Anytime you upload a video on YouTube, you are presented with an opportunity to describe your content. This is absolutely important, but many internet marketers never take advantage of this feature. You can turn that video description box into a potent traffic-getting machine by inserting a call to action followed by your website URL. You can go on to add another paragraph of text describing the content of your video, followed by your website URL (again) at the end.

Step 3: Create a call to action overlay

The CTA overlay is some sort of a banner that is positioned near the lower part of the video. This persistent message is always on the face of the viewer, hence it gets to stick on their minds. Many people do not know of this feature or its potential to capture and redirect vital traffic to their websites. It takes only a few moments to set it up so go ahead and use it when you upload your videos.


Using these three tips will do wonders for you. Remember to always make sure your videos are of a good quality and that the content is catchy and interesting. This way the viewers will be hooked from start to finish.


Source by Rufus Johnson

8 Triggers That Will Encourage Your Customers To Buy Your Products

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In the past it was said that you should give people what they need, because that’s what they are going to buy. But modern society has changed and people no longer buy what they need.

Instead they buy what they want and what they crave. People buy with their emotions, and then justify that emotion with logic. You need to present your products and services not as something they need, but as something they must have.

Take time to analyze your audience so that you know how to trigger their emotions and know which ones they use when they choose to buy from you. If you can find the trigger that makes your audience say yes, you’ll get the sales results you want.

So why do people buy?

To Reflect An Image

People want others to see them in a specific way. That need often encourages them to buy things to help them keep that image, not just for the way others to see them but also the way they see themselves.

To Avoid Feeling Bad

Avoiding a bad feeling is a highly effective motivator to buy something. If your audience think that they’ll miss out on something special if they don’t buy from you, they’ll be more likely to buy so that they won’t feel bad.

To Gain Freedom

Does a housekeeper sell cleaning services home or more time? If you can be clear about what it is you’re really selling, you’ll get customers to buy from you because they want the benefit of your product or service.

To Fit In With The Community

Everyone likes being part of a community. If making a certain purchase from you will make them more of a part of a community, they will want to buy.

Instant Satisfaction

People like getting what they want, when they want it. If you can provide them an instant way to give them what they want, they will be more willing to spend their money with you rather than somebody who cannot provide it straight away.

To Get A Sense Of Power

Offer something extremely special that solves a very specific problem for your audience. When people buy something they view as potentially life changing, they feel powerful and in charge of their lives.

Gain Self-Worth

Some of your audience may not have much self-worth and need a way to get it. They will want your product or service if you can offer them that feeling of self-worth when they buy from you.

To Solve A Problem

Show your prospects how your product or service solves their problems, and they’ll buy from you when the price is right.


Source by Jon Allo

Five Sure Ways to Make Money on YouTube

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You have probably heard stories about people making money from YouTube and wondered how you can do it. At the start it may sound unrealistic, but after you give it a try, you will be surprised by the result. The following are the best-proven methods for earning money from YouTube.

Monetize your videos with the YouTube partner program

After you have created several videos of whatever length, join the YouTube Partner Program. This means that you will be allowing YouTube to place ads to your videos. By so doing, you will acknowledge that there are no copyrighted materials in your video. The process takes just a minute to set up, and YouTube will select ads to be shown on all your video and then you can start earning a portion of the revenue.

Make videos, any videos.

You have to realize that, by just setting the monetization up, money will not start flowing quickly. You will have to make as many videos as possible. The better side of it is that it can be any video. Make one minute video that has some humor in it, talking about anything, and upload it. With time, you will start receiving revenue from the videos.

Set annotations to link to iTunes

Once your account is monetized, you can enable annotations that will provide links to Google Play, iTunes, and other websites. You can achieve this by just enabling the annotations and adding one to your video. This will instantly create traffic to sell your videos as they will have a greater target of viewers.

Make tutorials to teach your knowledge.

As you will realize, tutorials are very many on YouTube. From anything you know, you can create videos about it, teach others how to do it, and make money from the videos. You can decide to make fashion videos where you post videos that contain the latest trend, create lectures teaching your accounting or drawing skills, as well as videos containing a new dancing style that you gained.

Sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.

You can easily make a commission by selling other people’s product as an affiliate marketer. Thousands of companies give attractive deals to affiliate marketers who are willing to market their products. Big companies like eBay and Amazon can pay you a good amount of money if you market their products through your YouTube account. Your YouTube account can also be linked with other affiliate networks like Commission Junction,, and Click Bank.


Source by Rufus Johnson

Make Money Online Legit

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Have you spent hours, maybe days or months trying to ‘make money online legit’ and find ‘affiliate programs that work’ with no luck? After many failed attempts at making money online, most people come to the conclusion that in order to work from home via the internet with a decent income you have to be in IT or just have vast ‘tech’ skills.

Subscribing to some of these ‘get rich quick’ websites is like buying knock-off Nike shoes from a street vendor. If it’s looks too good to be true, it probably is. While their sales pitch seems great and you think you are getting the ‘Real Deal’ you have gotten something that has little or no value. It’s no wonder people are giving up trying to find online employment after being frustrated with online scams and rip-offs. People looking for online jobs paying a decent salary without any extensive Internet knowledge, will be looking for a long time.

While the internet is full of websites offering ‘data entry employment’ or ‘make money filling out surveys’, there are some that offer real value. Many people are now getting into Internet Marketing and promoting digital products and software.

While Affiliate marketing has been very successful, you will likely find yourself wondering where to start or what products to sell. To achieve success at Affiliate marketing and make money online legit, you need to pick one idea or concept and devote yourself to it. Getting sidetracked half way through or giving up after a few attempts is the leading cause of failure with affiliate marketing. Many people feel they need to have multiple campaigns at the same time, spread themselves too thin and end up wearing themselves out before seeing a profit. The competition on the internet is fierce and it’s better to focus on one niche market than to be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

If you want to join a proven and successful Affiliate website, they are out there and you just need to dig a little. Find one that requires a membership as many of the free ones are magnets for scammers and spammers who prey on people looking to make a living online. If you do fall victim to a scam, take the experience and learn from it. It’s the people that continue to apply themselves that ultimately succeed.

By Jeff Deveau


Source by Jeff Deveau