How Video Marketing Works

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Video marketing on the surface seems liked a huge project where you require a professional team of videographers and it seemed like an expensive marketing option.

However, all these are just myths or better put largely not true.

How video marketing works for you as an internet marketer is straight to the point and it is easy and fun.

First, the equipments that you use to create your videos, what you need is something that can capture reasonable videos. Note that you are not after studio quality shooting. For as long as the video is clear and you can hear yourself speak reasonably well, then I believe that it is enough.

Examples of some of these equipments that you may already have in possessions are your digital camera, a three megapixel and above camera will work. For some of you who own some latest cell phone gadgets with video recording option, it can be used too and in fact to my amazement sometimes they are able to capture some really sharp photos even with a shaky photographer.

Another equipment that can help you to capture video is a gadget that is popular among the internet marketing community, and that is the Flip camera which you can purchase at amazon. It is a video camcorder, with a retractable USB port. Therefore it is convenient to use and one very pleasant thing it does is that when the video is transferred your computer, it is already in a file format that is acceptable for most video sharing websites.

Whereas for videos recorded by digital camera, there may be some video file conversion that you may need to do. Nevertheless there are pros and cons to each video recording device and my suggestion is to use whatever that you already have for a start.

With video recording equipment solved, the next question that you may have in your mind is what do you do to the video now.

There are two major roles off the bat that I can think of for your videos.

For one, your videos can be used as your marketing tool. Meaning you want to spread your videos far and wide and let it gain as much exposure as it can. What you want to do to achieve that is to submit your videos to video sharing sites. Awesome news for you as a marketer is that it is free.

There are tons of video sharing sites out there, however for your convenience I have shortlisted a few sites with high traffic volume.

Definitely YouTube, and also Google video, yahoo video, viddler, metacafe and dailymotion. Like I say there are tons of video sharing sites out there, if you have the ability outsource this daunting task of video submission because it can be frustrating when it does not upload smoothly and it takes time.

That’s one way that your video can be used.

The other option is to treat it as your 24/7 salesman, meaning it have the ability to take over your sales letter on your webpage.

Let me give you a more detailed explanation, think of the traditional internet marketing sales letter page where you use the power of words to connect with your prospects so that you can offer them and facilitate a buying decision.

Now it can be done with your video.

What you do is have a video on your webpage instead of the pages long sales letter. The fact that people are getting lazier quote and unquote, given the option would you rather watch a video or read a five page long offer?

If you still have some reservation, you can have both.

Have the video at the top and then followed by the traditional sales letter.

Basically the second use of your videos as discussed is for presentation of offer to your prospects.

Now that you have more or less a complete system, you have your video creation on the go, you have traffic coming in from video sharing sites, you have your video as your 24/7 salesman.

One more suggestion before I end is that you can use your videos to build rapport and trust with your existing client base and also future clients, your prospects and the likes.

What you can do is to create a blog, either self hosted or get a free one with blogger or wordpress. My preference is for you to self host it then you can have more control and flexibility with the content you put up to share. But then that is another lesson all together. What is important is you have a blog.

Reason being, you can post all the videos you have created up on your blog and invite your clients and prospects to watch it on your blog. How this can be achieved is simply pasting something called the embedded code from your YouTube account for the respective videos and viola!

Your videos can be stream and played directly from your blog.

And one suggestion I offer to my students is that you want to consider creating videos during special occasions and send them a personal greeting. This can greatly enhance your visibility and also grow the trust factor.

Alright this has been a really long article and it is by no means an exhaustive article on the huge topic of video marketing. It has been really fun to be sharing with you all these tips and strategies and should you want more specific tips, you can grab a copy of the three parts crash course on video marketing for free for as long as my insanity for giving you lots of free stuff persists. The link to hop over to the sign up page is below at my signature.


Source by JY Chia