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World’s Top Speaking Expert [Free Training]

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World’s Top Speaking Expert [Free Training]

Who Is Andy HarringtonGuess who is doing a FREE Training this week?

It’s none other than Andy Harrington, an Internationally renowned public speaking expert, and he’s going to be sharing how he built his $75Million business from a $12,000 loan.

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Here are just a few topics he’ll be covering:

– How to SuperCharge the “Lifeblood” of Your Business, and why most people overcomplicate these simple strategies.

– The Methods Top Affiliates (the Million Dollar Earners) are using to Siphon Leads into their businesses on Autopilot.

– Discover the inner secrets of The F.L.A.M.E and Fortune Formula to build trust, credibility and authority. (so you’re the expert)

Here is the training link for this special event.

Since Andy is in high demand around the world, we anticipate BOTH sessions will fill up.

So don’t miss them.

See you inside the training.

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Golden Solo Ads. One Site, One List, 900+ clicks.

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budget-solo-adsAfter years of being asked by members, the guys at SOTAM
have finally added the option to purchase solo ads at

SOTAM has some of the highest click rates in the industry
and rivals even networked mega solo results. The current
average click rate at the Viralist membership level (to
30,000 members) is 900+ visitors. The new Golden
Solo Ads are sent to the same amount.

For the first time in over 5 years, solo ads are available at
one of the largest, most active, and highly ranked mailers
on the net!

Golden Solo Ads can be purchased in packages.
– 1 Golden Solo
– 5 Golden Solos
– 10 Golden Solos
– 20 Golden Solos

For a limited time, and for a limited amount, Golden Solo
packages are 50% off so do not wait to purchase one at
that price or they will be gone!

Golden Solo Ads to 30,000 members now at SOTAM!
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Dr Hilal

Review and Bonuses For Internet Funnel System

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Review and Bonuses For Internet Funnel System

You Get $18,000 Worth of Real Value Products If You Join Internet Funnel System Today.

Internet-Funnel-System-0Welcome to the internet funnel system best review and bonuses page. We are very happy to introduce our honest review about this amazing program.

What is internet funnel system?

Internet funnel system is a brand new product, but it is based on the same strategies of a $100 Million owner uses and apply every day. This Multi-Millionaire applied this same strategy on a lot of systems and products to made him and his team over $100 Million dollar. But he laid the internet funnel system out in a brand new style to be more lucurative for his team, to make them much more money than all of his other systems.

Internet funnel system speaks about Mike. Mike is a poisoned brain-damaged man who could join the owner of the internet funnel system and could make 6 figure income from home. Mike did not do anything except taking actions and apply the internet funnel system easy steps.

What you’ll get when you join internet funnel system today?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get as soon as you join today!

1- The Internet’s only ‘Done For You’ system that will deposit $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 commissions into your bank account.

2- Your own personal 1-on-1 coach (yes … you get a personal coach to answer your questions, and walk you through everything, step-by-step).

3- A simple 21-step training program that will lead you towards making your first commission (with short, easy-to-watch videos & tutorials).

4- A highly trained sales staff that will make phone sales FOR YOU (they follow up on your leads and close the deal).

5- Done-For-You product fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service.

6- Access to a 30-Day “Traffic Made Easy” Plan that will show you cutting edge strategies for generating traffic online today including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Bing and more.

Clck Here Now

Why the internet funnel system really works?

The internet funnel system is well arranged. Inside the members area you’ll find a 21 step short and sweet videos. These 21 videos represent a very solid internet marketing course. Even if you are completely newbie or you have over 20 years in marketing experience you will benefit from this solid course. This 21 videos course take you by the hand and upgrade your marketing knowledge gradually till you are a hero in internet and affiliate marketing.

Not only so, but you will not been left alone. The internet funnel system will automatically assign a business coach for you for free. This coach already applied the 21 steps before and already made good money with the system. So, he already know what works and what will not work. The product owner choose those coaches very carefully, because he needs his members to succeed with this system. Your coach will keep his eyes on your progress while you are studying and applying the 21 steps. He will tell you what is correct and what is wrong in your side while applying the 21 steps. He will tell you what you need to do now and what you’ll need to do later.

Both the 21 steps videos and your coach work together very well. Your coach will unlock just few steps at first. When he see that you start to implement and apply these few steps, he will unlock more other steps for you, and so on. He will speak, or chat, with you through the phone or through skype or via any other system you choose together.

Note: At internet funnel system your marketing coach is your key of success, because he will manage the complete system for you. Period!

Will internet funnel system work for you and make you money?

The answer to this question is: Yes and NO! Let me explain!

Yes, if you follow the 21 step videos and apply your coach instructions. Again, your success will come from following the 21 step videos and apply your coach strategy.

Important: You must follow the complete system, not part of it.

NO, this system will not work for you if get it and never apply it, or apply just few steps. You’ll never succeed with internet funnel system if you don’t implement the system. You MUST apply your coach strategies to succeed. You MUST apply the 21 steps to succeed.

Are there any people make money with internet funnel system?

When we speak about internet funnel system we are speaking about the syatem which made 7 Millionaires through the year 2015. One of them made over $4 Million, and another one made over $2 Million. I’m not speaking about the internet funnel system owner who made over $100 Million, but I’m speaking about members like you and me.

So, yes, there are a lot of people who already made too much money with this system. People who followed the 21 step videos and applied their coaches strategies very carefully. Let me give you quick examples here:

  • John made over $1.8 Million.
  • Shaqir made over $2.3 Million.
  • Paul made over $1 Million.
  • Michelle and Bill made over $787,615.
  • Deborah made $72,284.
  • Adeline made $207,635.
  • and a lot more…

You will see all these people and a lot more others who followed the system and made too much money.

Clck Here Now

Will internet funnel system work for newbies?

The good news is the system will work for both newbies and experts as well. To be honest experts will implement the system very fast and will make much more money fast. Newbies can implement the system and can make good money if they follows the stesps and their coaches strategies.

What other people said about internet funnel system?

Here Is What Some Of other Top Lead Finders Are Saying:

Frank Torchia – Florida:

Everything about this system exceeded my expectations! On my very best day ever, I made a $3,000 commission. I highly recommend you check it out!

Rob Tepper – San Diego, CA:

By far one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a profitable online business … an excellent combination of training and business system all in one.

Deborah Robertson – Covington, GA:

I am a retired teacher and I am so excited because I generated my first $2,000 in 10 days. I made another $9,000 sale that generated $3,000 in commissions.

How much is the internet funnel system?

This could be a big surprise for you! The internet funnel system will cost you only $49 if you join today. I can’t guarantee it will continue with this very low price for a long time. So, the fast you join, the better for you to get it for this very low cost.

Your Bonuses For Internet Funnel System

Let me congratulate you by joining internet funnel system through this page. Here is why!

As soon as you join internet funnel system through this page you’ll be eligible to get as much as $18,000 worth of products. Here are what you’ll get.

1- Done For You Complete Website, exactly like my website. (Worth $2,000+).

My team and I will personally design your website for you, to be exactly the same as this website here:

This including everything you see here like plugins, articles, bonuses page, gifts, squeeze page, but with your affiliate links and banners. This will help you to make much monery really fast.

2- I will host your website for you on my server for life for free (Worth $1,000+).

Yes, you don’t need to buy a server. I will host your site on my server for you for life for free. You will need to buy a domain name only which may cost you $2-$10 per year.

3- Done For You. Your Review and Bonuses Page, Like This Exact Page (Worth $1,000+).

On your site, my high trained team and I will prepare a review and bonuses page, like this exact page, for you. So you will sell internet funnel system to other people through your affiliate link easily.

You don’t need to provide them the bonuses, instead just email me that some one just joined your team. I’ll provide the bonuses to your team on your behalf.

4- Done For You. We Will Moderate Your Site For You (Worthless).

You’ll get your site as “set it and forget it“. My team and I will invest our time to manage your site for you. Well update your wordpress, update your plugins, update your theme, post new pages if needed, post new articles regularly.

5- Done For You. At Least 10 New Unique Articles Every Week ($7,800).

Every week we’ll post at least 10 new articles to your site. Unique articles will make your site to rank high at the search engines. So, you’ll get good free traffic. Usually I pay $15 per article, for bulk unique articles. So, this will cost $150 per week. That is about $7,800 per year, for about 520 articles.

6- Done For You. Free Traffic From My Rotator ($200).

I will put your site on my rotator for at least 2 months. I’ll send traffic to my rotator link. As a result, you’ll get a share of this traffic. This worth at least $200 for 2 months. I want you to succeed with this system. So, I’ll make as much effort for you as I can.

7- You will get over 300 products with master resell rights (Worth $3,000+).

Yes these are over 300 products that come with master resell rights. Yours for free when you join internet funnel system through this page. You can start to sell them starting today. If you don’t know how to sell them, I’ll teach you how to sell them and make good money with them.

8- GOLD Membership Level At My Top Secret Inner Circle Free For Life (Worth $3,000+).

This is a high quality TOP SECRET membership site. It is by invitation only. I keep it for my team. The gold level could cost you $47 per month. That is $564 per yes. For only 6 years, that is over $3,000. This membership level yours for free when you join internet funnel system through this page today.

What You Need To Join Internet Funnel System and Get These Bonuses?

To get all the above bonuses and more that worth more than $18,000 you need to join internet funnel system through this link. Click this button below to start today.

Clck Here Now

How To Get Your Bonuses?

As soon as you join internet funnel system through our link in this page, please send a copy of your receipt with your name and your email to the owner of this page. You can send the required details through the contact us form above. One of my team will be in touch with you to start to prepare your bonuses for you.

Welcome to our best team. We are waiting for your message to add you to the best team on the internet 🙂

What Do You Know About Dedicated email Drops

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What Do You Know About Dedicated email Drops

What Are Dedicated Email Drops?

Dedicated email DropsA dedicated email drop is a one-time email someone sends to their own email list on your behalf in exchange for a fee. You will not receive the list itself. The list owner will send the email to the list for you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get those people onto your own email list. All you have to do is send the traffic to a squeeze page instead of straight to a sales page.

The good news is that once that person has subscribed to YOUR email list, you can then market whatever products you want to them.

Dedicated email drops can be extremely expensive, but they can also be very affordable. It all depends on the owner of the list and what they’d like to charge. It’s very possible to find list owners who either don’t know the true value of your subscribers, or just don’t want to charge a fortune.

Dedicated email drops have a lot of benefits. For one thing, you can get a huge amount of traffic overnight, whereas other methods like social marketing and SEO can take months to see real results. Additionally, there aren’t as many restrictions as there are with advertising methods like AdWords and Facebook. If you’re looking to promote offers they traditionally frown on like weight loss or dating, dedicated email drops are a great choice.

Risk Reduction

There’s risk in everything in business, but there’s also a way to mitigate some of that risk.

With regard to dedicated email drops, there’s a possibility that the quality of the list isn’t what you’re hoping for, that the subscriber numbers aren’t as high as the seller claims, etc.

Fortunately, you can take a few steps to help reduce your risk. Here are a few ways you can help mitigate the potential risk involved in buying dedicated email drops.

  1. Ask For “Make Goods” – Some list owners will be willing to “make good” on their offer if they send an email out and it doesn’t perform. As upfront if they are willing to do this for you if you don’t get good results.
  2. Use Cheaper Options First – If the list owner offers cheaper options such as text, display, or banner ads, try those first to see if you get any results. If so, you can then purchase a dedicated drop. If not, you might want to find another list to try.
  3. Use Tracking – It’s a good idea to set up conversion tracking so you can see how many people make it to your thank you page and not just the traffic you get to the landing page.
  4. Buy A Partial Send – You may be able to buy a partial send, which is when the list owner sends your email only to a small segment of their list at a lower price. For example, if the owner charges $200 for a dedicated email to a list of 20,000 people, they might send an email to 5,000 of those people for only $50 to let you test the quality.

Even with these techniques, there’s still a possibility that you won’t get the results you’re hoping for, but this way you won’t have as much at stake, so your potential for loss is greatly reduced.

Read the complete step by step procedure at this FREE report. Click Here Now To Download It.

Start To Build Your List For FREE With this system. Click Here To Start.

Instant download 130+ reports for free. Click Here Now.

CO-OP For Hardcore Funnel System – Let Us Build Your Business For You

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CO-OP For Hardcore Funnel System (HFS) Let Us Build Your Business For You!

We Build Your Business For YouThis could be the most important article you need to read today. Here is Why.

Recent statistics shows that about 85% of the buyers buy products online after they see it for at least 7 times. Other statisctis say that some customers need to see the product 11 times before they purchase it.

This means that only 15% of buyers buy your product instantly, which means you lose a lot of money if you can’t follow these people and show them your product many times.

The problem here is, when you advertise online, you put your link here and there. You actually don’t know who or when this person see your product or affiliate link. So, how can you put your product in front of these buyers so they can see it many times?

The solution exists in collecting their details and send them a series of follow up emails for your product. I mean, instead of advertising your product, advertise a squeeze page, which enables the visitors to enter their names and emails. These details go to your autoresponder service. There, you should have a series of pre-written follow up emails, and the autoresponder service send these emails to your subscribers automatically. This is called list building.

Your leads are your customers for life till they opt out of your list. You send them your emails about your products or your affiliate links. Please send them the best pruducts only!

Don’t expect that all the visitors subscribe at your squeeze page. In fact this depends on a lot of parameters. I personally subscribe to a list when I see a strong program and offer exists behind this squeeze page.

The average percentage of subscribers could be 20-30% of the visitors. Some time it could be higher or lower than this percent. This means that when you send 100 visitors to your squeeze page, you expect to get 20-30 leads (subscriber). Those are the real people who will see your product. Some of them will buy from you. The more quality leads you have, the higher the chance for you to make more sales, and make much money!

Now, how can you increase the number of your leads? There are many strategies out there to help you to build your strong list. Also, the more traffic you send to your squeeze page the more leads you’ll get, the bigger list you’ll have. Of course this will cost you some money!

What if you get other people to build your list for you for free? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Please continue reading.

How Can You Build Your List Easy and Fast?

We Build Your Business For You 2One of the smart marketers prepared a very strong system called Hardcore Funnel System. It is FREE system in fact. But very powerful, really. This system allow other people to build your list for you. Here is how this system works for you.

By the way, this system includes 2 levels. Free level called HFS Standard, and a paid level called HFS Millionaire. Both levels work fine for you. So, it is up to you to choose the one that is good for you. Both HFS standard and HFS Millionaire will build your list very fast in fact. But the paid level HFS Millionaire will make you money, a lot of money in fact,  while they build your list for you.

The idea of the program is as follows in these steps:

Step 1: Your Autoresponder

Get Response Free TrialTo build your list, you need to have your autoresponder. There are huge companies that provide this service. You can get one account for a complete month for free at Getresponse. Click here to get it now for free. If you have Aweber account or GVO this is fine, too. If you don’t like to get autoresponder, it is up to you, too. The system will get your leads for you. But, I personally prefer to get my leads into my autoresponder account. This help me to promote my products easily.

Step 2: Your FREE or PAID HFS system Up To You

Join Free TodayClick here now to join HFS. After you join please activate your account from inside the members area through 4 easy steps that will take less than 5 minutes of your time. Watch the video inside the members area. It will guide you. Now you are ready to go. You’ll get your affiliate link unlocked for you after you do the 4 steps inside the HFS members area.

Step 3: Done For you OR you do it. Up To You!

After you get your affiliate link, you need to send it to some people to join HFS through your link. This is the spark for your list. If you have a list now, send the link to your list. If you know some friends just invite them to join through your link.

Also, if you like, you can buy traffic and send this traffic to your link. But what if you don’t have a list or you don’t know how to drive traffic? Don’t worry. This problem is solved for you!

After you join HFS, please join the HFN (Hardcore Funnel Network) facebook group. It is created by the owner of the HFS program. There, he announced about a CO-OP he prepared to his members. You can get a share or more of this CO-OP. This way, he will send traffic to YOUR link, which will build your list for you. If you are a HFS Millionaire this will make you some money, too. The share cost is about $40 only. As mentioned you can get one or more shares. The more shares you get, the more leads, and much money you’ll make. If I were you, I’ll buy at least 10 shares, but it is up to you!

Why HFS is So Powerful?

Here is how this system works. As in the previous steps you MUST get some leads in your HFS system. They will be your direct downline. Of course these people need to build their lists as well. So, after they join, they will promote their link and get their own subscribers. The new comers will be in your list too, and their downline will be in your list, and so on for 5 levels deep. In other words,  the HFS system builds your list 5 levels deep.

Let me give you an example.

Assume you get only 10 subscribers (Of course you’ll get more). They will be in your list. Assume that everyone of them get another 10 subscribers, too. So, these 10X10 = 100 subscribers will be in your list, too, and so on. So your list will include:

  • Your 10 level 1 subscribers
  • 100 subscribers from your level 2.
  • 1,000 subscribers from level 3
  • 10,000 subscribers from your level 4
  • 100,000 subscribers from your level 5.

Do you see now the power of this system. It is very possible to make one Million subscribers with this system, because it is FREE to join. Every marketer want to built his/her list. Every marketer want to make money. This system will build their huge list really fast and make them a lot of money if they are HFS Millionaire members.

Again, because this system is free, a lot of people will join under you. Just follow the steps above to get started today.

My Advice: Join the HFS Millionaire for just one month. This will cost you only $1. Then follow the steps in this article. If you get sales, continue as HFS Millionaire. If not you can cancel the HFS Millionaire and continue as HFS standard!

How Can You Make Too Much Money with This System?

Make too much moneyWhen you have a list, you’ll have your own goldmine, in fact. Here is why. Statistics show that a subscriber in your list worth at least $1 per month. This means that if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers you could easily make $10,000 per month minimum. Of course the more quality  subscribers you have, the much money you’ll make. Just be active and send them good products only.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers have huge lists and not making good money with their lists. Here is the reason. These marketers used to send their lists to just $7-$20 products. At the end of the day they make $50 – $100 per day only. Why not make $1000s per day?

Think BIG and Grow Rich!

Instead of promoting these low ticket products, you can promote high ticket products like this one here! With this product you can make up to $19,000 per customer! Click Here NOW to optin then watch the video after you optin. Then join this program. You can start small and upgrade yourself from your earning.

After you join this program, get some articles from inside their members area and send these articles to your list that you built with the HFS program above. You should include your new program affiliate link here. This way, you’ll make too much money here too. This way, you leverage your earnings.

If you follow these steps carefully you’ll start to make very good amount of money. Believe me this system works great for me, and will work very good for you too.

Here is a recap of the action steps you need to do:

1- Get your autoresponder account at Getresponse for FREE for 30 days. Click Here Now. If you have one just ignore this step. Here is the link:

2- Click Here To Get your HFS standard now for FREE. If you like you can become HFS Millionaire from inside the HFS members area. If you are a member already, please login and activate your account. Just follow the 4 easy steps inside the HFS members area. Here is the link:

3- Again, if you are an HFS member, you MUST activate your account from inside the HFS members area.

My Advice: Join the HFS Millionaire for just one month. This will cost you only $1. Then follow the steps in this article. If you get sales, continue as HFS Millionaire. If not you can cancel the HFS Millionaire and continue as HFS standard! Here is the link again:

4- After you join HFS and activate your account, please join the HFN facebook group. Click Here To Join now. FREE!

5- Read the co-op post that Bryan Winter wrote, and get as much shares as you can. Click Here To see this post.

6- Now this is the time to make too much money with your list. Join this program now. Start small then upgrade from your earnings. This is the program which will make you up to $19,000 per customer. I’m speaking about the program which made 5 Millionaires in just one yes. One of them made clost to $5 Million in one year. Click to join now.

7- If you need any help let me know. Just email me at: Support @ DrHilal . com

I hope you enjoy reading this post and I wish for you all the success with your business.

Dr. Hilal A.

Step By Step How To Make Up To $5,000+ Per Month

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Step By Step How To Make Up To $5,000+ Per Month

(NOTE: It Is 100% FREE!)

This video shows in easy step by step “How To Make Up To $5,000+ Per Month“.
Make sure to watch the complete video to become a successful internet marketers.
After you watch the video, sign up at this page, then make sure to follow the easy 4-steps in the members area.


BTW, This system really works. I got 99 sign ups + 13 sales in my first 4 days..
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Don’t forget,  after you sign up at this page make sure to watch the 4 steps video.

The Best Way To Success. One Step At A Time

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The Best Way To Success. One Step At A Time

MAP Image

YOU Get $50 CASH & HUGE Bonuses Worth $1,982 Just To Try This PROVEN System

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Four Attention-Getting Post Types to Kick-Start Your Blogging

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Home Business SummitBlogging has been a long-time trend that has recently seen a surge in usage. Many businesses are providing a blog on their website to engage with potential customers and provide the quality content that’s needed to drive traffic—and repeat traffic.

A blog’s content and format are the most critical components, and render the most successful results. Here are some tips that many top bloggers have used to grow their following:

Informative Pieces

While many may see the internet simply as a place to entertain themselves, others surf the web to gather valuable information. It’s the information superhighway, right? Informative pieces on a company blog give visitors an opportunity to take in that information and apply it to their own lives.

So I’m suggesting you give it to them…do some keyword research or check out related blogs’ most popular posts to find out what to write about. It also helps to tie those topics in to the services offered by your company.

This is an excellent way to plug yourself as an “expert” on the subject being written about, which gives potential customers a positive perception of you and also encourages repeat visitors to the website.

How-To Guides

Along the same lines as the informational articles, the How-To Guide is one of the most commonly searched-for pieces of information on the internet. These guides should be relative to the services or products that your company offers but shouldn’t conflict with the business.

Let’s say you sell a service that is delivered by way of a project. By explaining the details and requirements of taking on the project, you provide potential customers (and those who refer them) with the things they need to do to learn how to complete the project themselves—or make a decision on whether they want to just hire someone to do it for them.

For more businesses that are more sales-oriented, the how-to guide can be as simple as how to use the website, how to use your product, or to answer common questions on the topic. Providing how-to guides on a blog gives the visitor a sense that the company truly knows its business and is also committed to helping its customers.

Fun Reads

While the internet is a cornucopia of great information, anyone who spends enough time searching video websites or spends time on Facebook knows that cat memes and funny pictures are far from informational.

But, providing a fun read from time to time allows the reader to get a laugh or be entertained in between the serious posts. It’s okay to have some fun and entertain your readers—they’ll draw closer to you. Like other types of blog posts on a company website, it’s important to keep even these fun posts relevant to the service or product that the company offers.


Nothing stirs up a conversation more than a good controversy. No matter what your business is, there is certain to be a related subject, story, or spin that stirs the emotions of those visiting your website. The daring may place their unpopular or bold personal thoughts into the conversation, but this isn’t always necessary. Simply reporting the facts and the controversy itself will usually get attention.

The important thing to note with this kind of posting is that some people are pretty adamant about their opinions when they’re online. They will be obnoxious and sometimes outright hurtful in their expressions. It’s important to monitor this kind of behavior and keep the conversation civil.

The best part of this kind of posting is that it is the most engaging of any activity on a blog. Those that are taken in by the topic will remember you and come back again.

Whether your business website is service-oriented or product-driven, providing a consistent blog is a great way to generate traffic to the site. Blogs are engaging, informative, and offer a bit of perspective for customers, and hopefully these four post types will help to springboard your writing in the future.

If you’re new to blogging, you’ll see how helpful it can be to skip over writer’s block by getting a proven idea topic from one of these themes.

Regardless, though, writing consistently is a lot of work! Stick with it. In addition to blogging, I offer internet marketers a done-for-you marketing system that generates leads quickly without the time and effort of continual writing. Click here to find out more.


Make Money Start Today

Stop Leaving Money on the Table! How Autoresponders Will Increase Your Sales

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TTIIf you ask any salesperson what tool they believe is the most effective at landing them more customers, they will tell you (whether they do it or not) that it’s the art of the follow-up.The most successful salespeople will follow up on every lead that they get, while the average salesperson will not follow-up after the initial interaction, or not nearly enough. With businesses spending big money on getting people in the door, it is essential to follow-up properly or you’re leaving your marketing money on the table each month.This goes for online businesses too. Businesses spend a lot of money getting a person to sign up for a mailing list or even to purchase a product, but then they rarely send them an email afterwards. What a waste of potential for those leads and customers!

Set It and Forget It

One of the biggest complaints that people make about setting up an autoresponder is the initial time investment that’s required in order to properly set up an email series.

Companies need to plan out exactly what they want to say at each time interval that an email is sent out, which takes plenty of time and some copywriting skills. However, once an autoresponder is properly set up, it can pay huge dividends. Schedule the time and knock this out if you haven’t already!

An autoresponder that is properly utilized will automatically follow-up with all leads and sales that are entered into your system day after day. This means that your company will always be in front of the customer at crucial times before and after the sale—increasing your sales and customer satisfaction.

You Control Your Company’s Message

Another huge benefit to an autoresponder system is that you are the architect of all customer contact in this manner. This means that no one else in your company, including you, can interfere with how you want your company to be presented.

Why leave it to human error? Company representatives often make mistakes in their writing—either by quoting a product wrong, saying something that just isn’t true, or venting on a bad day. Also, with an autoresponder, you can make sure all of your emails are free of spelling and grammatical errors. Write it once and you’re done!

One Size Fits All

With certain autoresponder systems, you can customize a message for each situation, depending on which product the customer bought or which lead form that they completed on your website.

Personalizing like this is a HUGE factor in converting leads into sales! While many of your follow-up emails may be similar in nature, it is important to tailor a message that fits the product that a person bought or the information that they requested from your company.

Knowing how to differentiate your customers and your leads is essential to delivering the right message, and when done right, your sales will increase because you are delivering real value to your customers.

Setting Up a System

Like I said, setting up your initial autoresponder system will help you immensely but also takes some time. Writing the content that you want to deliver to your customers, choosing when to send it out to them, and dividing your customers and leads into separate segments can be a daunting task for some businesses to undertake—especially if you are newer to using this kind of software.

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