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Golden Solo Ads. One Site, One List, 900+ clicks.

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budget-solo-adsAfter years of being asked by members, the guys at SOTAM
have finally added the option to purchase solo ads at

SOTAM has some of the highest click rates in the industry
and rivals even networked mega solo results. The current
average click rate at the Viralist membership level (to
30,000 members) is 900+ visitors. The new Golden
Solo Ads are sent to the same amount.

For the first time in over 5 years, solo ads are available at
one of the largest, most active, and highly ranked mailers
on the net!

Golden Solo Ads can be purchased in packages.
– 1 Golden Solo
– 5 Golden Solos
– 10 Golden Solos
– 20 Golden Solos

For a limited time, and for a limited amount, Golden Solo
packages are 50% off so do not wait to purchase one at
that price or they will be gone!

Golden Solo Ads to 30,000 members now at SOTAM!
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Dr Hilal

What Do You Know About Dedicated email Drops

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What Do You Know About Dedicated email Drops

What Are Dedicated Email Drops?

Dedicated email DropsA dedicated email drop is a one-time email someone sends to their own email list on your behalf in exchange for a fee. You will not receive the list itself. The list owner will send the email to the list for you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get those people onto your own email list. All you have to do is send the traffic to a squeeze page instead of straight to a sales page.

The good news is that once that person has subscribed to YOUR email list, you can then market whatever products you want to them.

Dedicated email drops can be extremely expensive, but they can also be very affordable. It all depends on the owner of the list and what they’d like to charge. It’s very possible to find list owners who either don’t know the true value of your subscribers, or just don’t want to charge a fortune.

Dedicated email drops have a lot of benefits. For one thing, you can get a huge amount of traffic overnight, whereas other methods like social marketing and SEO can take months to see real results. Additionally, there aren’t as many restrictions as there are with advertising methods like AdWords and Facebook. If you’re looking to promote offers they traditionally frown on like weight loss or dating, dedicated email drops are a great choice.

Risk Reduction

There’s risk in everything in business, but there’s also a way to mitigate some of that risk.

With regard to dedicated email drops, there’s a possibility that the quality of the list isn’t what you’re hoping for, that the subscriber numbers aren’t as high as the seller claims, etc.

Fortunately, you can take a few steps to help reduce your risk. Here are a few ways you can help mitigate the potential risk involved in buying dedicated email drops.

  1. Ask For “Make Goods” – Some list owners will be willing to “make good” on their offer if they send an email out and it doesn’t perform. As upfront if they are willing to do this for you if you don’t get good results.
  2. Use Cheaper Options First – If the list owner offers cheaper options such as text, display, or banner ads, try those first to see if you get any results. If so, you can then purchase a dedicated drop. If not, you might want to find another list to try.
  3. Use Tracking – It’s a good idea to set up conversion tracking so you can see how many people make it to your thank you page and not just the traffic you get to the landing page.
  4. Buy A Partial Send – You may be able to buy a partial send, which is when the list owner sends your email only to a small segment of their list at a lower price. For example, if the owner charges $200 for a dedicated email to a list of 20,000 people, they might send an email to 5,000 of those people for only $50 to let you test the quality.

Even with these techniques, there’s still a possibility that you won’t get the results you’re hoping for, but this way you won’t have as much at stake, so your potential for loss is greatly reduced.

Read the complete step by step procedure at this FREE report. Click Here Now To Download It.

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New Revolution In List-Building – Absolutely FREE! No Hidden Fees

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New Revolution In List-Building – Absolutely FREE!

No Hidden Fees

Learn How You Could Build A List Of Over 2,000,000,000 
(Yes, That’s BILLION) Prospects

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Question: Do You Know Mr. X? Here Is His Story…

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Question: Do You Know Mr. X? Here Is His Story…

QuestionMr X. is a “SEVEN FIGURE EARNER”!

Do you know what 7 figures expression means?

It means that Mr. X made over $1 Million in online business.

Who is Mr. X, and why I’m speaking about Mr. X today?

Well, Mr X will held a FREE webinar this Thursday.

He will reveal A Neglected Traffic Strategy That Is Minting Money For Savvy Marketers And How You Can Use It To Maximize Your Results In Your Business.

You can apply his smart strategy on anything in your business to make you too much money online!

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

– Video Strategies for Business Owners!

– Why so many business owners have no clue what to do with video.

– and the secret techniques you can use to make the process painless, effortless and profitable.

– YouTUBE Video Hacks.

– How to create a YouTUBE video strategy that will work for you that is used by FEW MARKETERS right now.

– PLUS, how to leverage YouTUBE to build your brand.

– Video Script Secrets.

– Learn the video script design that is ESSENTIAL in every marketing video to deliver results.

– how to outsource video creation quickly and cheaply

This webinar is FREE but…
It is very limited seating – only 1,000 spots!


Thursday, December 10th @ 9:00PM EST.

Register for this webinar now. Here is the link:

For your success,

Dr. Hilal

P.S. When you attend this webinar you’ll discover who is Mr. X.
This will be a surprise for you, really. He is very known person!

Webinar Replay: How to sell high ticket programs to small crowds of people…

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Webinar Replay: How to sell high ticket programs to small crowds of people

John LeeOn Wednesday night you might have seen a webinar promoted, which was all about selling high ticket programs to small crowds of people, and creating a ‘buyers rush’ where everyone lines up, credit card in hand, ready to give you money.

The host was one of our Titanium speakers from the UK, John Lee.  If you missed it, I’m going to leave the recording of the webinar up for a very limited time, and you can watch it right here:

“The 16 Undiscovered Methods For Packing An Event to Capacity, And How to Use Them In Your Business To Sell More High-Ticket Packages To Eager Crowds Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

This webinar was a HUGE hit because John told everyone exactly how to:

-How to get yourself set up so you can start filling rooms RIGHT NOW (you can promote MOBE at these, or your own high ticket program)

-How to use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to make sure your event is standing-room-only— because nothing triggers a buying frenzy like the sight of other attendees snapping up a hot deal

-He revealed his favorite event-filling secret—When you see how to do this step-by-step you’ll know how to sell out rooms

-And much, much more…

Matt Lloyd posted the recording in our private MOBE Facebook Group, and here’s some of the feedback we got:

John Lee 2

John Lee 3

The replay is available here for a limited time, so watch it now, and then implement the strategies.

Here is the reply link:

Talk soon,

Dr. Hilal

FREE Webinar Reveals: How To Sell High Ticket Products and Make Too Much Money Online!

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FREE Webinar Reveals: How To Sell High Ticket Products and Make Too Much Money Online!

How To Sell High Ticket ProductsMy friend, let us face it, if you have the options to sell only $10 products and $997 products, which one you prefer to sell or promote?

For me, the high ticket products of course!

Do you know why?

Because, you’ll never become a millionaire if you continue to promote low ticket products.

Let me explain this for you.

Assume that you want to make $1 Million through 2016, for example. You can do this with generating:

  • 100,000 sales X $10 each.
  • 10,000 sales X $100 each.
  • 1,000 sales X $1,000 each.
  • 100 sales X $10,000 each.
  • 10 sales X $100,000 each.

Believe it or not! You can find 100 person to buy your $10,000 product within a year much easier than finding 100,000 person to buy your $10!

People will buy high ticket products when they find real values that solve their problems.

Think BIG and Grow Rich!

But these hight ticket products need a special strategy to be sold.

Fortunately, John Lee, a Millionaire Entrepreneur, is helding a very important webinar tonight about how to sell high ticket products and make too much money online.

And on this LIVE webinar that’s taking place Wednesday, Nov. 25, John Lee is finally going
to reveal exactly how you can use Facebook to:

1- Get thousands of registrations for your events
2- Automate it so you work less and make more
3- Laser-target you ideal audience
4- Scale your marketing costs back so it’s basically free marketing
5- Build a massive list so you can re-market another event to them later

To learn from this Millionaire his strategy, go ahead and register to his webinar at this link:

Make sure to attend this webinar.

For your success,

Dr. Hilal


Work at home Fulltime in 3 Easy Steps

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Work at home Fulltime in 3 Easy Steps

Work at home Fulltime in 3 Easy StepsHere is the 3 easy steps plan you can start using today to make good money online. I mean making full time income online.

You must follow these 3 steps to succeed. Don’t ignore any of them. This system works, and works good in fact.

Step 1: Start Here

Join this program (Link Below) for free now. After you join it, login into your members area and do the 4 steps inside it. This will take 5 minutes of your time. Make sure to get your affiliate link of this program ready. You’ll need it in step 2 below. Here is the step 1 program link:
Click Here Now To Finish Step 1.

Step 2: Then Do This Step Now

Make sure that you finished step 1 above first. Now, join this program. This program gives you 70 fresh leads every single day. We consider these leads as the spark leads to the program you joined in step 1 above. Inside the members area of this program, make sure to send these leads to your affiliate link that you got of the program at step 1 above.
Click Here Now To Finish Step 2.

By finishing both step 1 and step 2 you’ll build a good list of subscribers at your autoresponder. You need this for step number 3 below.

Step 3: The Is The Last and Most Important Step

This is the most important step. But you need the above 2 steps as well. With both steps 1 and 2, you will build huge lists at your autoresponder. Now we can leverage this success to make us a living online. This webinar (at the link below) shows you in very easy steps how to leverage your success. Here is the webinar register page:
Click Here Now To Finish Step 3.

Watch the webinar to the end, join the program that appears at the end. Then send your link of this new program to your subscribers that you built at your autoresponder through step 1 with the help of step 2 above.

Very important:

This system works with the 3 steps above. Don’t ignore any one of them. You will see the results within 7-30 days from now.

If you need any help, let me know.

Have a very nice day.

CO-OP For Hardcore Funnel System – Let Us Build Your Business For You

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CO-OP For Hardcore Funnel System (HFS) Let Us Build Your Business For You!

We Build Your Business For YouThis could be the most important article you need to read today. Here is Why.

Recent statistics shows that about 85% of the buyers buy products online after they see it for at least 7 times. Other statisctis say that some customers need to see the product 11 times before they purchase it.

This means that only 15% of buyers buy your product instantly, which means you lose a lot of money if you can’t follow these people and show them your product many times.

The problem here is, when you advertise online, you put your link here and there. You actually don’t know who or when this person see your product or affiliate link. So, how can you put your product in front of these buyers so they can see it many times?

The solution exists in collecting their details and send them a series of follow up emails for your product. I mean, instead of advertising your product, advertise a squeeze page, which enables the visitors to enter their names and emails. These details go to your autoresponder service. There, you should have a series of pre-written follow up emails, and the autoresponder service send these emails to your subscribers automatically. This is called list building.

Your leads are your customers for life till they opt out of your list. You send them your emails about your products or your affiliate links. Please send them the best pruducts only!

Don’t expect that all the visitors subscribe at your squeeze page. In fact this depends on a lot of parameters. I personally subscribe to a list when I see a strong program and offer exists behind this squeeze page.

The average percentage of subscribers could be 20-30% of the visitors. Some time it could be higher or lower than this percent. This means that when you send 100 visitors to your squeeze page, you expect to get 20-30 leads (subscriber). Those are the real people who will see your product. Some of them will buy from you. The more quality leads you have, the higher the chance for you to make more sales, and make much money!

Now, how can you increase the number of your leads? There are many strategies out there to help you to build your strong list. Also, the more traffic you send to your squeeze page the more leads you’ll get, the bigger list you’ll have. Of course this will cost you some money!

What if you get other people to build your list for you for free? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Please continue reading.

How Can You Build Your List Easy and Fast?

We Build Your Business For You 2One of the smart marketers prepared a very strong system called Hardcore Funnel System. It is FREE system in fact. But very powerful, really. This system allow other people to build your list for you. Here is how this system works for you.

By the way, this system includes 2 levels. Free level called HFS Standard, and a paid level called HFS Millionaire. Both levels work fine for you. So, it is up to you to choose the one that is good for you. Both HFS standard and HFS Millionaire will build your list very fast in fact. But the paid level HFS Millionaire will make you money, a lot of money in fact,  while they build your list for you.

The idea of the program is as follows in these steps:

Step 1: Your Autoresponder

Get Response Free TrialTo build your list, you need to have your autoresponder. There are huge companies that provide this service. You can get one account for a complete month for free at Getresponse. Click here to get it now for free. If you have Aweber account or GVO this is fine, too. If you don’t like to get autoresponder, it is up to you, too. The system will get your leads for you. But, I personally prefer to get my leads into my autoresponder account. This help me to promote my products easily.

Step 2: Your FREE or PAID HFS system Up To You

Join Free TodayClick here now to join HFS. After you join please activate your account from inside the members area through 4 easy steps that will take less than 5 minutes of your time. Watch the video inside the members area. It will guide you. Now you are ready to go. You’ll get your affiliate link unlocked for you after you do the 4 steps inside the HFS members area.

Step 3: Done For you OR you do it. Up To You!

After you get your affiliate link, you need to send it to some people to join HFS through your link. This is the spark for your list. If you have a list now, send the link to your list. If you know some friends just invite them to join through your link.

Also, if you like, you can buy traffic and send this traffic to your link. But what if you don’t have a list or you don’t know how to drive traffic? Don’t worry. This problem is solved for you!

After you join HFS, please join the HFN (Hardcore Funnel Network) facebook group. It is created by the owner of the HFS program. There, he announced about a CO-OP he prepared to his members. You can get a share or more of this CO-OP. This way, he will send traffic to YOUR link, which will build your list for you. If you are a HFS Millionaire this will make you some money, too. The share cost is about $40 only. As mentioned you can get one or more shares. The more shares you get, the more leads, and much money you’ll make. If I were you, I’ll buy at least 10 shares, but it is up to you!

Why HFS is So Powerful?

Here is how this system works. As in the previous steps you MUST get some leads in your HFS system. They will be your direct downline. Of course these people need to build their lists as well. So, after they join, they will promote their link and get their own subscribers. The new comers will be in your list too, and their downline will be in your list, and so on for 5 levels deep. In other words,  the HFS system builds your list 5 levels deep.

Let me give you an example.

Assume you get only 10 subscribers (Of course you’ll get more). They will be in your list. Assume that everyone of them get another 10 subscribers, too. So, these 10X10 = 100 subscribers will be in your list, too, and so on. So your list will include:

  • Your 10 level 1 subscribers
  • 100 subscribers from your level 2.
  • 1,000 subscribers from level 3
  • 10,000 subscribers from your level 4
  • 100,000 subscribers from your level 5.

Do you see now the power of this system. It is very possible to make one Million subscribers with this system, because it is FREE to join. Every marketer want to built his/her list. Every marketer want to make money. This system will build their huge list really fast and make them a lot of money if they are HFS Millionaire members.

Again, because this system is free, a lot of people will join under you. Just follow the steps above to get started today.

My Advice: Join the HFS Millionaire for just one month. This will cost you only $1. Then follow the steps in this article. If you get sales, continue as HFS Millionaire. If not you can cancel the HFS Millionaire and continue as HFS standard!

How Can You Make Too Much Money with This System?

Make too much moneyWhen you have a list, you’ll have your own goldmine, in fact. Here is why. Statistics show that a subscriber in your list worth at least $1 per month. This means that if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers you could easily make $10,000 per month minimum. Of course the more quality  subscribers you have, the much money you’ll make. Just be active and send them good products only.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers have huge lists and not making good money with their lists. Here is the reason. These marketers used to send their lists to just $7-$20 products. At the end of the day they make $50 – $100 per day only. Why not make $1000s per day?

Think BIG and Grow Rich!

Instead of promoting these low ticket products, you can promote high ticket products like this one here! With this product you can make up to $19,000 per customer! Click Here NOW to optin then watch the video after you optin. Then join this program. You can start small and upgrade yourself from your earning.

After you join this program, get some articles from inside their members area and send these articles to your list that you built with the HFS program above. You should include your new program affiliate link here. This way, you’ll make too much money here too. This way, you leverage your earnings.

If you follow these steps carefully you’ll start to make very good amount of money. Believe me this system works great for me, and will work very good for you too.

Here is a recap of the action steps you need to do:

1- Get your autoresponder account at Getresponse for FREE for 30 days. Click Here Now. If you have one just ignore this step. Here is the link:

2- Click Here To Get your HFS standard now for FREE. If you like you can become HFS Millionaire from inside the HFS members area. If you are a member already, please login and activate your account. Just follow the 4 easy steps inside the HFS members area. Here is the link:

3- Again, if you are an HFS member, you MUST activate your account from inside the HFS members area.

My Advice: Join the HFS Millionaire for just one month. This will cost you only $1. Then follow the steps in this article. If you get sales, continue as HFS Millionaire. If not you can cancel the HFS Millionaire and continue as HFS standard! Here is the link again:

4- After you join HFS and activate your account, please join the HFN facebook group. Click Here To Join now. FREE!

5- Read the co-op post that Bryan Winter wrote, and get as much shares as you can. Click Here To see this post.

6- Now this is the time to make too much money with your list. Join this program now. Start small then upgrade from your earnings. This is the program which will make you up to $19,000 per customer. I’m speaking about the program which made 5 Millionaires in just one yes. One of them made clost to $5 Million in one year. Click to join now.

7- If you need any help let me know. Just email me at: Support @ DrHilal . com

I hope you enjoy reading this post and I wish for you all the success with your business.

Dr. Hilal A.

True Autopilot Affiliate Income

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True Autopilot Affiliate Income

Money GirlMost people try to make affiliate income the old fashioned way…

By getting leads, and hoping those leads turn into paying customers.

But what if you could turn every lead into a potential AFFILIATE who not only buys from you…

But also starts sending you MORE leads…

And MORE sales…

And in turn, more AFFILIATES – and the cycle repeats!

This is called “leveraging” your own individual efforts.

And it’s how true wealth is made online.

Normally you have to create your OWN product and affiliate program to get this kind of leverage.

But finally there’s a ready made system that can create this levarage FOR you…

Without you having to create a product of your own!

Click here to check it out immediately:

I’ve never seen anything like it.

They’re just days into launch, and already some members are on their way to making $1,000’s per month.

This is the real deal.

Join FAST and see for yourself why members are raving over this ingenious opportunity:

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The 45 Minutes A Day Program Bonuses

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The 45 Minutes A Day Program and YOUR Bonuses


Today I want to introduce you to an amazing program. It is called The 45 Minute A Day!

It is a promising one in fact!

Here is what you get with this product:

1- The main product: “The 45-Minute Paydays Program”. Worth $297

2- Personal, 1-on-1 Coaching. Worth $197.

3- The “45-Minute Paydays” Training Area. Worth $197.

4- Done-For-You Accounting. Worth $197.

5- Done-For-Your Product Sales and Fulfillment. Worth $197.

Again, this is very promising, and you’ll get it for HUGE discount ONLY TODAY!

Click Here To Check It NOW!

Your Bonuses:

1- Free Bonus #1 – “10,000 Leads in 100 Days”. Worth $1,997.

2- Free Bonus #2 – OPT Formula. Worth $194.


Here are MORE bonuses for you when you get it through my link:

1- You’ll get another 1 hour one-on-one with ME.
We’ll do a text chat through Skype. Worth $997.
I will teach you how to leverage this product to make
$1,000s. I’ll tell you how to get high quality traffic to your sites.

2- You get instant access to one of my products (Main Offer + OTO).
This worth $27 + $47 = $74
This product is Not released to public yet.
It is about how to get huge traffic to your site
or to your affiliate links using CPA networks.
BTW, this is the method that most BIG guys
use to get huge targeted traffic!

3- You get instant access to my “Teach Me How” product
(Main Offer + OTO1 + OTO2) Worth $27 + $10 + $67 = $104
These are 180 step by step videos teach you everything
you need to learn about internet marketing and
building your business.

How to get your bonuses?


After you join please send a copy of your receipt to:  Support @

Please write the title: “My Bonuses For The 45 Minute Program”.

I’m waiting for your email to send your bonuses soon.

Get The “The 45-Minute Paydays Product” Now.

Here is what you want to do:

1- Click this link:

2- Read the important info on the page.

3- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the BIG yellow button “Get Started Now”.

4- On the new page, type your details,

Then click the green button “Next Step”.

5- The system will automatically send you an email with your login details.

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